Toronto Cafe Racer Bobber groups ?


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Hi Lads,

Looking to ride this coming spring with guys or groups, my 83 BMW Café racer / bobber will be completed for the seasons, is there a Toronto group I may get in touch with to ride with or get in touch with ?

I don't know now but DTT started from a group of Cafe riders needing a place to schedule meetups and rides. Most of those folks aren't as active here as they used to be but hopefully one or 2 will chime in.
Hey Robbie - glad to see another Toronto area member. A group of us used to get together pretty regularly back in 2006/7 or so every Thursday night to ride. We would often stop by the Tim Hortons at Lakeshore/Leslie which continues to be a popular event every Thursday night and then cruise the streets and end up at some all night coffee shop somewhere.

Hasn't happened in a while, but there is always a crowd at that Tim Hortons every Thursday night.

Maybe we'll do a get together in 2021 when things are sorted out a bit with Covid. A friend opened the Black Dice on Dundas St West back in those earlier days and it's a popular spot. Would be a good place to get a ride-in set up.

Of course there are also the monthly Moto Socials, that also started in Toronto if I'm not mistaken. 2021 should be a better year I hope for these sorts of rides/events.
Thanks for the response, any updates at all on meets ? I went to steel town garage yesterday, is there a list of days and meets anyone has ?


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Sunday mornings there's a CVMG Meet at Famous Sam's Restaraunt every Sunday during riding season. All types of bikes show.
NE corner of Woodbine Av. and Stouffville Rd.
Bike parking behind the building, North side.

Thursday nights the Tim Hortons in Newmarket, Yonge St just North of Davis Dr. East side.
Usually a good turn out.


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I guess I was being pretty optimistic about Covid in November 2020 :)

With capacity and mask restrictions coming off now, I'm sure the community will be out in force this season.

Steeltown is a great place - I try to get out there often to support Jeff's business. Also drop in to Town Moto on Ossington in Toronto - they've been supporters of the local scene and DO THE TON specifically since the earliest days. Lots of great local shops and Town Moto was among the first to kick it off many moons ago.

Flying Squirrel is another good place to drop in at in the East end on Queen.

And like I mentioned back in Nov 2020, drop in at the Black Dice on Dundas St West and ask for Hideki (Hide). I'm sure he still has his SR500 around. I helped him swap out the mags for spoked rims and he's always rocked the DTT logo in leather on his jacket.

There's also a massive Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride every year that a number of us get involved with so keep an eye open for that.
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