Toronto Cafe Racer Bobber groups ?


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Hi Lads,

Looking to ride this coming spring with guys or groups, my 83 BMW Café racer / bobber will be completed for the seasons, is there a Toronto group I may get in touch with to ride with or get in touch with ?



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I don't know now but DTT started from a group of Cafe riders needing a place to schedule meetups and rides. Most of those folks aren't as active here as they used to be but hopefully one or 2 will chime in.


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Hey Robbie - glad to see another Toronto area member. A group of us used to get together pretty regularly back in 2006/7 or so every Thursday night to ride. We would often stop by the Tim Hortons at Lakeshore/Leslie which continues to be a popular event every Thursday night and then cruise the streets and end up at some all night coffee shop somewhere.

Hasn't happened in a while, but there is always a crowd at that Tim Hortons every Thursday night.

Maybe we'll do a get together in 2021 when things are sorted out a bit with Covid. A friend opened the Black Dice on Dundas St West back in those earlier days and it's a popular spot. Would be a good place to get a ride-in set up.

Of course there are also the monthly Moto Socials, that also started in Toronto if I'm not mistaken. 2021 should be a better year I hope for these sorts of rides/events.

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