Torquing down the headstock with Betor forks


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I'm rebuilding an old BSA650L (see my thread here) but wanted to ask a question specific to tightening up the headstock.

The forks and headstock are not original, but were swapped for Betor units. The bearing assembly is one of those ball-bearings-in-grease affairs, and the whole think is held in place but a top-hat nut:



Now when I disassembled the bike, I just used a drift and hammer on the cutouts in the rim to encourage the nut to turn. But now I'm rebuilding it, I need to think about what to torque the headstock down to, and what to torque it down with. Any suggestions?

- Mark


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It's a BSA so you will need a ring spanner, but in the US they are called Spanner wrench. Torque? Didn't we agree it's a BSA. Don't think they torqued much at all. Un;like taper rollerers which are pre-loaded, tighten the top nut until it's just tight with zero free play and the forks easily flop to one side or the other but with no actual looseness.

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