trackin xv750

Maritime said:
LOL I know, I hate being without a bike, I went to do my tires on Wed and buggered the valve core on the back tube, said oh well I'll go to the dealer and get a tube tomorrow, no-one in 100 miles had a tube in stock, so I found a valve core repaire kit for 4.00 and I am riding today, but 3 days without a bike sucked. I can't imagine 3+ months or more.

Try THREE fargin years ..............................
beachcomber said:
Try THREE fargin years ..............................

yikeeeesss... also going to pick up some exhaust wrap tonight I believe, that rear pipe puts off some good heat right near my leg
Ill rent a uhaul and pack it full of 2 strokes and my traker well burn it all party like its 1999
Bring my front end down with you and I'll cover the kerosene and Miller Light
Ill send that fork as long as you wait a month and then start bitching like a woman about it
brad might be a tight race here, almost finished now.. just some small odds and ends that need to be wrapped up. for some of the early followers who were very concerned about the front end drum brake, need not worry. the bike actually brakes pretty well, and with both front and rear brake applied it actually haults to a stop. I didn't notice this until I was tossing the treads on the rims, but my front wheel has a larger diameter drum. also got my taillight and got a rough mount to see how it looks, and I don't think it could fit in there any better, nice and tucked away. also, just rattle can bombed the tail and tank for a visual, and im thinking ill leave the side of the tank raw, with the stock black badges. thoughts?


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but on a side note, tonight ill be plugging in the newly refurbished tci that's sitting in my mailbox, and if this thing doesn't run, I swear im gonna burn it down.
so before the night ended my brother suggested I toss this two into one intake I had laying around with some random xv carb on the end of it, on my bike, just for shits.. this intake and carb were in a box of parts I bought for 40 bucks a couple weeks ago... so without even looking inside the carb we just threw it on there, and wouldn't ya believe it, the bike runs. and runs well. so I guess I'll just go fuck myself then. haha. I have no clue what's going on with the stock dual carb setup, I feel like I've covered every aspect with zero result. so I guess I'm gonna be running the single carb setup. more updates tomorrow when I get out for a decent cruise around the block
MJPriceisright said:
Fuck this piece of shit. still runs like garbage.
right here is where i thought to myself i have a chance

MJPriceisright said:
and wouldn't ya believe it, the bike runs. and runs well. more updates tomorrow when I get out for a decent cruise around the block
right here is where i lose...

bradj said:
right here is where i thought to myself i have a chance
right here is where i lose...


yep yep sorry brad.. the bike is alive and well. just need to finish up the brake light, headlights and a number plate for the front and I should be all finished.
2_DONE_THE_TON said:
the public demands pics AND videos... :eek: startup sound :eek:

haha I will do my best to get you some video footage of the bike. not much going on right now, just finished up some little odds and ends, gonna drop off my tank/tail next week to be finished up, just a little budget job nothing special.. added the front racing plate, figure if I cant beat the bott bike, might as well join em. lol. really like how its turned out, gonna put some miles on the ole girl end of next week. thanks for all the help from the DTT family, really appreciate all your shit talking, random insults, and words of wisdom.


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