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Hey guys. I've been playing in bands, booking shows, and helping with festivals for several years. I'm currently in a garage rock band but we're taking a break for a couple months. We have some friends who put on a great music festival in Gainesville, FL last year called TRASH BASH. It was held in a warehouse, in a junkyard. There was a cookout and 18 garage rock/ punk bands played all night long.
They want to do it again, but in a different state each year. We're doing it in Athens, Georgia this year. We're in the initial stages of planning right now. We're going a bit bigger. We're planning to have 25 bands at a few venues, including an old hangar warehouse. We want to have vintage bikes on display, a taser booth (yeah, you read that correctly), and some other mess.
So if you like rowdy crowds, garage rock bands in old warehouses, and you're interested in taking a ride, check out Trash Bash 2010. It'll happen the first weekend in October (Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd).
Athens is located in the hills right below the Blue Ridge mountains. There is a great ride from Cleveland, up to Blairesville, over to Hiawassee, down to Helen, and back to Athens. Loads of twisties for 2 1/2 hours with great food, and scenery.
I'll post updates when the time comes nearer and we have all the promo material, line-up, and schedule set.

p.s. Trash Bash is happening in Alabama next year. Most likely Muscle Shoals.

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I love Athens! Home of the B-52's R.E.M. and Widespread Panic! Great place to have the Trash Bash! Muscle Shoals next year will be great too. I don't know if I'll make it this year though. How about a line-up?


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Finally, something cool to do in Athens that doesn't involve football! What's the band situation? Maybe I can get my band on the bill?


the future is my friend
I can't disclose any line-up possibilities until everything is confirmed and the venues are on board.

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