Travere City ride weekend.


Coast to Coast
I have introduced myself before, but it's been a real long time. My name is Scott and I live in Rochester. I'm almost 40 and I've been riding for 20 years or so, but never really worked on my personal bikes. Over the last 2 years I've been working on my CB350. It's been a great learning experience and I look forward to more projects in the future.
I just bought a new to me Enduro bike and really want to hit the trails this summer. Was looking to see if anybody wanted to get together this summer and do some riding on the trails up north. The more the merrier. Have a place to stay, so no money needed for hotel :) Only minutes from the trails. Want to rig up my fishing pole so I can stop and fish, too ;D
Nothing tentative now, but will try to nail something down if there is any interest. Also willing to take up my CB and do some road riding too.
Sounds fun, i did the same thing last summer with my brothers. we have a cabin in Mio, MI. Make sure you have at least one riding buddy! riding the trails alone can be very dangerous!
Good idea. I learned that the hard way when I lived up there. I was riding powerlines trails on my snowmobile and got stuck in a hugh drift. Was about 6 ft deep. No cell phone either. Finally got out, but I was exhausted and cold. Was thinking I was going to have to use my skills I learned from Bear Grylls and survive in the wilderness. Never told my wife cause she probably would never let me out again.
dude ! We are about to be best friends even though I'm half your age ! I'm out in Ann Arbor, but my dads in Rochester. I visit a lot in the summer. Got a friend out there that just picked up a 68 cb350 out of a barn. So going to be helping with that. I have two 76 CJ360t's, both been sitting 15+ years, so wrenching on these right now to get them ready for spring. 2 cafe builds, but one simpler and the other super stripped down. I'm planning a trip to grand haven and just state park hopping on the weekend on our old bikes. Also have my uncles 1980 something rm400 that's been sitting, and I am getting that going too. So I will be down for trail riding or cruising on street bikes. I'll hit you up as spring approaches as my bikes starting running enough to ride.
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