Triple clamp crack


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Found a crack in the triple tree on my 73 cl350! Found it while removing forks. I have a 72 that I can take the top clamp off of, but can’t seem to find an answer as to whether or not they can be swapped. They only look slightly different.

I see a lot of billet and aluminum ones on cognito but they don’t appear to have the same holes and clamp locations? I’ve seen some on dime city as well, but nothing appears to be a direct replacement?


I realize this is a late response. Anyway, I have a 1971, 1972, and 1973. I disassembled the front ends and assumed they were all interchangeable. Turns out they are not. I still don’t know which parts came off which bikes. I think if I remember correctly, the distance between the fork tubes differs slightly. Front ends are interchangeable but they have to stay together because parts are not interchangeable. It’s been a couple years since I dealt with this issue and my memory may be foggy. Hope this might help someone avoid any problems.
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