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Very excited that I finally have a triumph project! Picked up a rolling frame, 1970 Daytona T100 500cc unit. Been looking for an engine for a while and finally came across one that I THINK will fit. Im new to triumphs so Im a little unaware of engine/frame differences between years of the Daytona / T100 model. The engine is question is a 68' unit construction and has a single carb (which I read is just a different intake manifold) I posted some pics and would like to be 100% this engine would fit and is a good choice, Been reading up as much as I can but still a little confused if there are different mounts in frame and pros/cons of certain years for the t100 model. any help is greatly appreciated.


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My guess is its a straight fit. Used to own a '67 with long forks. That manifold isnt stock btw! And the tranny cover looks more like a 650?
Be sure to empty the sludgetrap and checking oil pressure before running it. Requires separating the case but usually necessary. While you have it apart you may want to balance the crank as well.
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