Triumphs 88 and back


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G,day lads.

coming from the great southern land down under and not ever been to the US, i am lacking local knowledge. So a call out for some help.

i am coming over mid this year, prob july aug for 4 weeks and want to take back home either a trumpy or a sportster when i go back.
my plea to you is, can i buy either one for around the USD 1500? it doesn't have to look good, so long as it is running and in one peice. i need to get it to San Fran to my exporter/importer.
i will be staying in San Fran, somewhere, my wife has relo's living there, so hopefully this is where i would like to start.
i am looking in ebay, and have tried the ol google thing, but not too much luck.

any help from you local lads would be very appreciated. who knows, if you live in the SF area, maybe a beer or three for a meet up and a chat about all things bikes? my shout of course, it would be the least i could do.... :D


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I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but you'd be extremely lucky if you find a Sportster for under $3,000 USD. I've seen very few under $2,000 USD, but they're usually in a pile of parts. I wouldn't expect older Triumphs to be any cheaper. Expect $300-$500 to ship a motorcycle across the U.S.


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What about XS 650's for the same value. They are hard to come by down here. You lot might have a lot more.

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