Dropped by my Suzuki dealership a couple of days ago. Picked up this new little TU250 for $3700 cash out the door. Won't go overboard with the mods but she definitely will undergo changes with a cafe flair.


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Nice... Just checked the price for one of those here in Oz... $6,690 ride away... Closer to the manufacturer yet twice the price... go figure..!!!
I think I would skip the modifications, buy some good gear,and take a hell of a road trip. Nice tidy purchase.
I see now you are from OKC. Buy some great riding gear instead of modifications.I'd do an Oklahoma perimeter ride,roughly along the bordering states, check out the 5 mountain ranges, some of the fantastic parks, rivers, museums,great eating joints. Yes I am having a relapse! You have a great twist the throttle and ride roadtrip bike.
learn to do high as fook, unlit camel in yer yapper,sit down shifter wheelies on the balance...
next question !!
In Japan these are called st250 and have a very big cult following in America you can get on bolt in kits from bluecollarboobers ( I am uk ) might give you some ideas.
I own the older model which is no injection .

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Just looking at the pic you must be about 5'-5" because your booty would be hanging off of what seat is left if you are any taller ;D Put a better seat on and it will be pretty sharp!
If this is like the older model (1 indicator idiot light) you have to add resistors to fit led indicators.
Have a look at cafe seat with hump would look cool

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I think it looks better with the rear mudguard and pillion pad though. I'm not a big fan of the exposed rear end thang, however, here in the UK it is either raining, just stopped raining or is about to start raining. And no one will allow you into a pub with a dirty wet streak up your back.
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