Tulsa OK | Suzuki 79 GS750 and 81 GS450 Projects for Trade or $3500 OBO


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Hey guys. So i have a pair of bikes with PLENTY OF PARTS i am interested in trading for a decent running chop, cafe, tracker, Etc. Or best cash offer. Price is negotiable based on distance and partial trade. interested in anything Japanese, American, and British.

Both are green titled. One is currently not in my name. But i can get the transfer completed. Just need to get some stuff sorted out.
I just don't have the time or money right now to finish these due to a few changes to my work life. Hopefully someone can help me out on getting back on two-wheels.
I am willing to load up and travel a good distance for delivery and pickup. I'd say preferably 400 miles or less from Tulsa OK. Give or take a few miles. If you are farther out, i would prefer to meet halfway if possible.

79 GS750 is kind of basket case, as several parts are off the bike and was about to be transitioned to a different style. Original was being cafe'd by previous owner. I was in the middle of redoing everything on the bike before i ran into time constraints that kept it in the shed for the last couple of years. Last confirmed running 1 year ago, before removing some parts.

81 GS450 was in the middle of \\cosmetic changes. Got it running and found a gasket leak on the head gasket. Its a good bike, just in need of some new gaskets. It is a cafe/tracker style that i was pulling together. Electronics are good, no shorts, though wiring could use some cleaning up.

Both bikes will come with BOXES of extra parts. including a few different Fenders, a few sets of front forks(with triple trees), a few extra wheels(spoked and Suzuki style stock "star" rims), couple of gas tanks, handful of pairs rear shocks, 2 sets of exhaust pipes for both bikes(possibly a 3rd set for the GS750), spare GS450 engine pulled from a parts bike, several stock pieces/parts, and a couple sets of extra carbs for the GS750.

I also have a few custom parts that i would be willing to part with as part of the deal on a good trade.
Custom twisted rear sissy bar(with a ford tailight mount welded on), old single-backbone frisco mounting coffin tank thats rough but useable with some clean up, a 70's ish springer that could use some clean up(has original springs), a steel springer-build starter kit that comes with top/bottom tree, neck stock, spring rods(no springs), rockers and possibly might have the rods laying around here. Also some extra different styles of tailights including a few ford style tail lights, etc. I also have a questionably built hard tail frame that the GS450 spare engine was pulled from. I have not been able to investigate the welds, cause i wasn't planning to use it for actually riding, if you want it too.

Let me know what you have. Phone is acting up at the moment, so i don't have any pictures to upload.
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