Turn Signal Brackets


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Building a 1985 BMW K100RS street racer. I don't want to mount my front turn signals off of my headlight bracket. Can't find any fork brackets to receive a 10mm stud bolt off of a mini turn signal. If any one knows where to find brackets that will work please sent me the link. If others are making there own brackets i could use some idea's and pictures if possible. Thanks
Not sure what size diameter fork is on the K100 but I had thought about using rubber insulated cable clamps to mount some turn signals off my forks. They look like this:


I found some while wandering around at Lowe's but I imagine the internet would be a better source for more sizes.
Ya that looks like they would work my forks are 41mm. Insulated cable clamps I have scene them before what are they used for. I'll start looking on the internet. Thanks
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