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I've almost completed my electrical installation, all the lights on my new speedo are working correctly & everything else has gone according to plan. The wiring harness is completely stock, the main change is the turn signals are new. I've read previously that the stock flasher units won't flash with LED's but I'm pretty sure my new ones aren't LED. I tried to open them up but it was difficult, they do get warm when I leave them on for a while so I'm guessing the are not LED. Also when I tested the ohms they were the same as stock so it didn't look like adding resistance would help. (i'm pretty crap with a multi meter though so I could have that wrong - I think they read about 2.5-3ohms)
Is there a way to test the flasher unit? I think as another test I might connect all the old indicators & see if they work. Hmmm the single turn signal light in the speedo is LED would that make a difference?

Any help greatly appreciated as always...

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If your turn signals are indeed LED, you will need an electronic flasher. superbrightleds.com have a good one.
Also, with LED turn signals, you will have to add some diodes for your turn signal indicator light so it will flash for both left and right. Otherwise it will only flash on either left or right but not for both. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to do this.


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A resistor is for increasing the load and goes in parallel with your turn signals. The resistance of the signal itself doesn't matter at all.


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Is there a way to tell if they are LED without eyeballing the LED? They are not easy to get into. I could reconnect all the old stuff to see if they flash but I'm not sure what that will tell me. Might be a waste of time.

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I have these at the front

And these at the back

No mention of LED in either description, but I guess they are new and pretty cheap so probably are LED right?


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They don't look like leds to me. Looks like a single allen screw to find out on the fronts.

It's possible you have a bad flasher, my bike came with one.


It's not strictly an LED issue. Incandescent bulbs that are much lower wattage than stock will give you the same problem.

If the lights come on, but don't flash, when you use the turn signal switch then your problem is the flasher.


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I've ordered one of these. Hopefully it will do the job.


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Well the flasher worked fine pre tear down. The light all work but don't flash so it may be they are a different wattage as Sonreir suggests.


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I got into one of the front lights. Incandescent bulb. Will that universal flasher unit I've ordered still work?


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As stated previously, it should be fine.
But keep in mind that LED flashers only work in one direction. So if you hook it up and it doesn't flash, try swapping the wires ;)

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