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apologies for starting a new thread in response to

Bojer said:
Has anyone in the UK managed to get a replacement front pipe made up ? Was considering just buying a CG125 pattern exhaust to saw the chrome front pipe off = downpipe & no cat , chrome for about £50 seems a decent plan on the face of it ?

You cant go far wrong with the official chrome decatted exhaust from skyteam themselves, it's what I have.

Having said that I am considering speaking to these people in the New Year about a custom made one


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vonmighty said:
So with the chrome exhaust, is it just unbolting the old and bolting on the new?
yup, both 1 piece units

worthwhile doing the carb rejet as well though


Skyteam Ace 125
Roger, im going to get the ooracing upgrade kit and do the exhaust and upgrade at the same time...

I have zero experience with motorcycles but the ace seems perfect for a newb like me....

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