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Anyone out there got any reccomendations for half decent insurance company in UK? Have been happily insured with Bennetts for a year or so (last premium was about £70 fully comp). Got home today to find a bizarrely worded letter saying that they could not "offer a renewal quote based on the details we currently hold...". Phoned them and got an unhelpful fool who wasn't interested in anything. I think they sort of said that none of their 'panel of top insurers" was interested. Or something. Was approaching level of seriously annoyed by now, particularly when told off for daring to use the phone number they provided, as the "referrals department was closed until May"! My fault, that. Obviously. Gits.

Soooooo-before I start the miserable process of phoning around and losing the will to live, I ask my chums in DTT land if they have any thoughts. You haven't failed me yet.

Any advice gratefully received.

Keep smiling. Keep dry.



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I have mine insured on a multi-bike policy with Swintons (With Yam TRX850) for £150.00 My ace is also modified with the 150cc upgrade and fairing and have no issues. Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. Just phoned Swintons. As of last September they wont touch anything with an engine conversion like this!

The cheapest quote I can find is £190 fully comp. I have had a full, clean licence for nearly thirty years and never made a claim. The reason for this huge increase..."Moped crime has risen and this is the sort of bike they use"! Haven't had a lot of that in Stow on the Wold recently...

Looks like the conversion is a no-no anyway, and any standard 125 or less is the choice of teenage thugs.

MCE, Bikesure/Flux, Swintons are all saying the same thing.

Oh well.

Will probably flog it and treat myself to one of those new Fantics.

Anyone interested in a 2013 Ace 150?


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What is obvious that it is a 150 rather than 125? Grind the size off the barrel if it is such a big deal.

Captain Bean

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Bonester. Yep-they are serious alright! Bless 'em.

Scuffing off the 150cc mark would make no difference (other than some companies wont touch the bigger engine anyway) as this would only bring it back to a declared 125, and its this size that has suffered the increase because of the massive hordes of feral youths terrorising the streets. Have yet to see any but they must be out there because the paranoid insurance industry says so. Putting up the prermium threefold is sure to make the determined criminal think "No-bugger the life of crime, I cant afford the insurance"! Utter bastards.

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