Ultimate Cafe Racer Watch

Kind of surprising that a company the caliber of Zenith would hop on the café fad, with a watch that is double the price of what most have in their bike.
Tune-A-Fish said:

Yep a Daytona is a good choice, but I prefer it in black... :)


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Bevelheadmhr said:
Yep a Daytona is a good choice, but I prefer it in black... :)

There's a company named Bamford Watch Department that "builds" mainly Rolex watches. They crank out some sweet black PVD coated Daytona's.
Actually Rolex sports watches are cheap to own, sometimes even free, because no other luxury brand retains its value like Rolex. I have a few which are worth what I paid, if not a bit more, wish I could say the same about most of the bikes I've owned over the years...
canyoncarver said:
Easy there Flock of Seagulls, take your Bay City Rollers watch over to the hipster table.....
I prefer Duckie from Pretty in Pink, thank you very much.
Ok, i started this so here's my timepieces.

1st is Wenger Raid Commando. Nowadays it lays mostly in a drawer (that thing is heavy), wore it all the time when I was active in our "National Guard".

Second is a decade old Esprit with aftermarket hand stitched snake skin strap, used to have a ugly steel mesh strap. Bought it around $100 just because of the hex screws in frame and then put $80 to handmade strap :)

3rd one is my Tissot PR100 all-around-watch, I bought it with steel strap but I went back to the shop couple weeks later and got me an original leather one too.

I mostly use my SamsungGear S2 or Huawei Smartband depending which phone i'm carrying, but i don't count them as "watch", they are extensions to my phones.


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Not exactly cafe.. But these are the two most special watches that I own.

They belonged to my grandfather and I recently found them. They were at the old house and my aunt had forgotten that they were even there as he died about 15 years ago. The story behind the Roamer is that it was given to my grandfather by a man that died in maybe the 60s or 70s. He was an older man that suffered from some sort of disability and struggled to support himself so when he wasn't working at the local convenience store he helped my grandfather out on the farm. They became good friends and before he died he gave this watch and a hammer that his father gave to him, which I now have. There is no telling how old the hammer is. I vaguely remember him wearing the Bulova when I was a kid riding to the store with him or reading with him.

Both need some serious TLC, and I'm going to have the Bulova restored first. I took both to the local watch repair shop and he opened the back of the Roamer, adjusted something, wound it up and it started right up. I was totally blown away.

Right now my every day is a Bulova Sea Master 200m that I found. And I have a Tissot, citizen ecodrive, an older Swiss Army watch and some fossils. A lot of people say the fossil watches aren't that great, but so far mine have done a great job of keeping time.

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