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So a while back I bought one of the 30l ultrasonics. I didn't use it for a while, but now I have a few hours of use on it. When I bought it they were $320 on amazon, $220 on ebay. It'll easily fit a rack of carbs for a 4cylinder or small engine cases. I've run a complete but torn down rm250 through it and a xr200.

I'm running omegasonics omegaclean cleaning solution in it. It means rinsing parts really well with hot water when they come out, but it cleans way better than anything else I've tried. It's mixed at a 10:1 ratio, so I put 5 gallons of water and 1/2 gallon of the soap.

It takes a little while to get up to temp, but it stays there once you set it. I've been cleaning the parts really well in my partswasher, but this thing pulls so much more off of the parts it's crazy. I would buy it again for how well it gets things cleaned up.

I could wish the lid would seal to slow evaporation, but that's why you see the aluminum foil on mine.

Honestly for the price it's great. If you just do a carb here and there it would be overkill, but being able to do cases, full rack of carbs etc makes it very useful. The omegaclean soap isn't the cheapest, but a gallon will last a hobbyist quite a while.
Bought one of these after your recent purchase post to replace a smaller one of mine that kicked the bucket. I've been pretty happy with mine, as well. I like the spigot on the side to drain.
Awesome. I'm glad you've had a good experience with one as well. I wanted to make a post about it now that I have a few hours run time on it. This way if someone searches they'll know to check amazon and ebay for the better price, as well as knowing it is a good product.

I figure the time and money saved cleaning parts has made it a worthwhile purchase. The rm motor was caked in dirt and oil, still had some even after scrubbing in the parts washer, the ultrasonic even got the semi gelled coolant out of the passages and head.
Yes, love the drain valve! I've found 2 Folger's coffee cans fill/drain mine perfectly. There are little ~1" diameter dual hemisphere mesh globes available that are ideal for the smaller parts
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