Universal GPS Speedometers now available from Sparck Moto!


Universal GPS Speedometer (MPH) - No messy cables to the wheels. It just needs power and the GPS antenna!

Building a custom bike or just don't want to sift through piles of specifications for a speedo that will work? This speedometer is for you! No mechanical cables to run to your wheels, no speed sensors to hook up and calibrate. This speedometer just needs power and you're ready to ride!

Only three wires to hook up:

Red - 12V Power
Blue - Ground
Orange - Backlight

For sale, here: http://www.sparckmoto.com/Products/Detail/108


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Looks good.
Find someone with a 3d printer to make some black buckets to go with them to hide the wires and the white underside and you'll have a winner!

Also you may want to change the wording in the sale page, it gives the impression that there's no speed sensor (which i guess technically it's a GPS sensor, but there's no mention of that)
I'd be annoyed if I thought it didn't have a sensor and then I had to find somewhere to stick the GPS block. Just needs power and you're read to ride is a bit misleading.
I was excited for a GPS speedo that doesn't have that puck I have to hide, but alas.
I like it! A tiny suggestion if I may be so bold, add the dimensions to the description.
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