Ural 2WD project


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I love how you ride it like its supposed to be ridden! This bike is awesome, only now my misses wants me to do a side car like this haha.


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Maineiac said:
Whitedragon, I'll be embarking a project on a '96 Tourist. Any info/pics on your braking setup?
Hello again! And sorry for a long reply! Didn't realised that the topic was brought up. Rear breaking set up was left original and just mounted brake disc on the other side with the caliper. Sadly with the lack of knowledge at the time I haven't made a proper bracket for caliper to float. Its a bracket welded on the swingarm and needs redoing. I just bolted on brake cylinder to the original brake pedal ant left original pin. So if necessary you can disconnect disc brake setup and reconnect original brake shoes link with the same pin. :)Left it for the reason if you need to mount spare wheel and save time with brakes.

Sorry I dont have good quality pictures at the moment.



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Wow, what an impressive project.
Only the kind that a resourceful Lithuanian could pull off!
Geras Mocas!!! Labai Patinka : )


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Nice work!

I recently did a clutch on my 2WD Ural. I love riding it all year, even in below 0 temps!


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