valve adjustment on 1969 CB359


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I felt that after 15000 miles and 45 years it was time to adjust the valves. I watch numerous videos and felt confident but when I opened the tappet cover everything was different, no locking nuts or adjusting screw. Does this model necessitate removing the whole valve cover etc? Is there a video for this?


I assume you mean 350? Download the cb350 honda manual for instructions. I know its available. Pm me if you cant find it. The adjusters are under the cam end covers/points if i remember right.



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Yep a set on each side, the rockers are on concentric shafts so as you turn the adjuster the rocker oscillates tighter/looser... you still use a feeler to set clearances through the adjustment caps.
In the end the marks should both be opposite each other or to the outside if inside they will be 180 deg out.


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Thanks for the help, got her done. Runs a little rough above 60 mph but after all she's an old gal.
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