Velocity Stack/Fouling Plugs Tuning Question, a WWYD?


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Prime example of what I just said "Sometimes things lose their meaning in writing" I assumed when you said "what is there to read if the plug isn't up to temperature?" that you thought I meant to use the plug reading for the entire range, or thought I meant to read the plug while its still cold. Its easy to misinterpret what a person says on the net. Its good to know that there is no bad blood here. Oh btw I did a little research on what you were saying about max power max efficiency etc... Very interesting stuff, learn something new everyday. Now I know a little of the scientific side of why the way we tune carbs works. But apparently the reason an engine has more power in cooler temperature doesn't have anything to do with it running leaner. The leaner running is just a side effect of the additional oxygen causing a more complete combustion thus burning more of the fuel and producing more power. I see how the myth got it's start now.

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