VFR 800fi brake problem


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I took my VFR for a ride today for the first time in a couple weeks. I thought the brake lever felt weird. Took me a minute to realize what it was. The brakes are working, the the lever isn't returning all the way out, and the free play seems like it is double the normal. The brakes work fine, but the lever is not right at all. It is a stock lever. Also the brake light was staying on, unless I push it out, but it pushes itself back in if I don't hold it.
Most master cylinders return by a spring the goes all the way in the outlet end. A long coil spring. They most all have two piston cups that open towards the outlet, and a tight-fitting aluminum piston that includes some kind of check valve in it. Thickened brake fluid can gum up the works, and any air or water can produce serious corrosion. There is a tiny hole that relieves pressure back to the reservoir which is often overlooked and results in locked brakes. You could flush out the system with clean fluid, but usually it requires disassembly, clean and correct problems, and proper installation of a new master cylinder kit. It would be good to flush and inspect the lines and rebuild the calipers now, too. Some people consider brakes to be important.
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