Vintage Japanese Bike Swap meet in York 8/16-17-18


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Hey guys spotted this on the Craigslist the meet is Hosted by White Rose MC on August 16,17,18. Just wanted to see if anyone else will be stopping by or if anyone has gone to this event. Its their 25 year doing the show so im guessing it a pretty poplar event. Me and a few of my buddies are planning on making the trip from philly on Sunday.

White Rose Motorcycle Club
5252 Hillclimb Road
Spring Grove, PA 17362

Too bad I have to work this weekend. I caught the vintage bike show in Blue Bell this past Saturday. Also rode out to Lebanon and back on Sunday. Logged about 250 miles, my ass was sore :eek:
Yea i know your pain i racked up 150mi this weekend between the blue bell show and just random cruising. But im not letting this nice weather go to waste 8)
Which bike was yours at Blue Bell? I had my CB750 and my brother brought his KZ650.
I didn't enter it in the show just rode it up there. But it was the 80 cb750 in the row of bikes in the parking lot. I was parked near the end of the line. But it was the one with the tank all sanded down to primer spots, bare steal, and some paint.
I am headed down thurs-sun, this is my 4th year going. First isle on left, half way down on left, '78 sr500, '70 z50, white f250 flatbed. Stop and say HI. Worth the trip.
I've heard good things about the show and plan to go Saturday and/or Sunday morning. I have not decided if I am riding down or taking the truck and some money. I was at the Blue Bell show last weekend too. My wife and daughter went along and then we headed to my brothers house to see them and my nephews for the rest of the day. Worked out great.
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