Vintage looking rear sets


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Hey everyone, I’m starting a CB/CL350 cafe, and am thinking about getting some rear sets. I’m not yet sure where I want the footpegs, so I don’t know if a bolt on kit will work for me (I am tall and long legged).
My problem is I don’t really like the look of most rear sets. The knurled aluminum pegs and aluminum levers just seem out of place to me. I would much prefer something like the Norman and Hyde set here:
If you didn’t know, you might mistake these for stock. I like the rubber pegs and more conventional, understated levers.
Can anyone think of a set like these on the market that is universal or could be adapted? I’m okay with figuring out my own brackets. Or are there bikes that had stock rearsets similar to these?
Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
Is Norman Hyde still around? He used to drag race a T150 Trident years ago. Nice looking chunky gear lever.

You can make the levers in house as long as you can weld, but the pivot and pegs I have to buy, but like you I like the old school look.
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