- Great Vendor


Cross posted in electrical.....Should of went here:

Just received these items from
I ordered them Oct 4th, 2012, around 4 PM EST. the company is in Ca.

I Received them today, 10/6/2012, at 2:00 PM EST. Northern NJ.

Wow!!! Great company.

Also, the shipping was 12.72 on the internet order form. The day I ordered it, I received a $1.12 refund, as the actual postage came in cheaper then the calculated.

So, Easy ordering, fast delivery, and quality product:


Now I am ready to Straighten out some electrical problems in the bike.
I think I ordered the same kit. Great stuff. I order a lot from as well.
I got the same kit as well, shipped fast and I was also reimbursed for unused shipping fees. Would recommend this company.

Best tool I have ever bought at the best price, hands down. I wired two bikes this week and couldn't have done it without.
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