in glendale BEWARE!

Well guess what! He scammed me for $3500. HOWEVER! I my husband is an attorney and I WILL BE taking this all the way. Please let me know if you are interested in pursing legal actions with me. It is unfortunate that scum bags like this feel it's ok to rip people off. He will not get away with this, let me know if you want to join many of us that have been SCAMMED!
Wow holy fuck I've been thinking about going down just to check out the shop, seemed like nice people and decent bikes on Instagram and whatnot. This is horrible, I can almost understand why he would be taking deposits and using them to finish previous bikes, but being dishonest about all these things is despicable. Good luck to all involved
Listen, if you live in socal/LA seriously - stay away from this shop. Seems all cautionary posts on Yelp somehow do mysteriously get relegated to the hidden "not recommended" section. I wish I had seen the "other" reviews BEFORE I did business with this place.

I commissioned a 550 custom build from this place in the early fall of last year. I was told that the build would take roughly 6 to 8 weeks to complete. I paid Jeremy a $5k cash deposit dated SEPTEMBER 30th 2013 - a BIG mistake on my part. Do not pay anyone that much money up front - ever. (If the place is reputable they probably won't even let you - *Since this experience I've looked into other shops' policies on custom builds and have not come across another one that operates like Vintage Honda CB.

Come mid-DECEMBER, which would've put me at the 6 to 8 week point, I started asking how the build was coming along. This kicked off a seemingly endless stream of untruths and excuses as to where the build was at, which became infuriating. If I had just actually been told the truth a few times it would've gone over a lot better. You can only NOT deliver on your word so many times before your word becomes completely meaningless and people start getting nervous and things start going down hill.

MARCH 12th 2014, after a many frustrating months and to my surprise, I received a text from Jeremy showing a picture of a 550 Brat pretty much completed, minus a tank and side covers, although it was not exactly the bike I initially commissioned. At this point, however, I didn't care. I was just happy that it looked like I might actually see something for my money as I had become almost certain by now that I had been completely ripped off.

I received a text from Jeremy two days later, MARCH 14th asking me to deposit $500 into his account because he was "really short on funds" and wanted to order the paint for my tank ASAP. I told him that I wasn't comfortable paying him another dime until I had a bike registered in my name. Then, I told him to just send me the bike as is, with or without a tank, and that I'd finish it myself. I had had enough.

Another month went by and still no paint job and no bike. I was not about to wait another 3 months just to have a tank painted so I told Jeremy I was coming to get the bike. APRIL 16th 2014 I went down there and loaded up the bike with no tank or side covers. After a bit of arguing with him at the shop, I was finally able to leave with the sellers lien agreement on the title and a bill of sale.

**The bike had $672.00 in DMV fees on it** see FAQ on the website which guarantees clean titles - and when I asked Jeremy if he was going to take care of the title fees (I had already paid it), he launched into a tirade against me via text message basically saying it was my fault because he had had ways to "get around the fees." He then started leveling personal accusations at me. He accused me of being a "tripper" and also "hostile and unable to deal with frustration" - this while berating me at fever pitch (!!!!!). Amazing.

Finally, MAY 10th, I drove back down there to get the tank and side covers (which I did end up paying for on top of everything else - including $30 I had given him for shipping) as Jeremy STILL hadn't sent them. Thankfully, I am now finally - 8 months later - completely done with this whole fiasco. I honestly believe that had I not actually gone over there and physically taken what he had of what I commissioned him to build, I would be sitting here STILL with nothing to show for my money.

I am 100% culpable for not doing my re-search and jumping into something. I learned a valuable lesson in the real costs of laziness - I should've just built the bike that I wanted myself. Its easy enough to buy a solid running CB on ebay or craigslist (if you know what to look for) for cheap and almost every part you will need on the internet. There's always someone out there that will help you once you get going. I thought I was taking a short cut having someone else do it for me in a shorter period of time than I would've ever been capable of, but in the end, given nearly the year it took dealing with this clown and all the money wasted, I could've just built it myself and become that much better of a human being for my trouble. Lesson learned.

I'm now into restoring a 1970 cb450 myself and absolutely loving the process.
I know exactly your frustration. The guy is a piece of shit and hope nobody else has to deal with him. We had heated conversations over the phone and every time he just was a major liar. I made a huge mistake and it was a lesson learned for sure.
I've heard a ton of bad stuff about this dude and his shop, even argues with people ratting him out on yelp.
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