VJMC Show/swap at WOW Motorcycles, Marietta, GA 9-17-23


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I got a very late notice that the VJMC was hosting a Metric bike show at WOW Motorcycles in Marietta, GA. Here's some of the bikes! The CB550 attracted more attention then a fully restored 1969 CB750...seen one, seen them all. The RD was immaculate as were the two RZs. The XS650 is for sale at WOW, I didn't ask the price. The CL350 and Rune were parking lot bikes, ridden to the show. Swap meet was a bust with only a few vendors. One guy did have a very nice OG CB750 exhaust set for $1700. Believe it not that is a bargain.


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I have no idea. The XS650 was on the showroom floor. It looked clean and original. You can contact the dealer WOW Motorcycles, Marietta, GA. Their web site lists the inventory and you can send them an inquiry.
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