Want: older cb350 68-71 external spring fork covers (chrome things)

Im looking to use external springs on my 72 cb350 but wanted to use (hopfully if they work) external springs. My current shrouds are tapered and dont look as good as the older chrome covers.

I assume that the older style covers will slip right on? I can send paypal or venmo, let me know if you got some.

pic for the part im talking about.



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If external springs would fit inside your stock covers, you may want to just cut them down to a suitable length so that they act aqs lower spring seats with say 10mm or so sides to locate the spring.

You will also need an upper spring seat which is basically a thick washer or shallow "cup".

If you had to get some machined, try making them out of stainless and polish them up. Check out a set of Manx Norton forks to see what they could/should look like. https://cdn.silodrome.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Norton-Petty-Molnar-Manx-Road-Racer-1.jpg
Thanks. Also from looking at the inside of the older chrome shrouds there is a lip for the spring to sit correct? Will these shrouds even fit the newer forks on my 72 cb350?

my current lower shrouds are tapered, and have little rubber bits, the ones i would like to buy are straight, and will hopfully slip over my forks and look good with the external springs i want to add. I should have just bought a full fork assembely, but then i would need a new older style tripple tree too.



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Looks like yours screw on and the external style slip on. You could pull one of yours off and see if it's possible to machine it shorter and make it work to locate the spring and act as a seat.

You may also want to look at lighter larger diameter more modern forks to improve handling and if you really want external springs, design slip on caps that clear the seals and dust caps. There are lots of forks that would be a huge improvement over the stock heavy weak OEM forks.

FZR400 are really light. Suzuki Katana forks are 38 or 39mm and are somewhat adjustable but would be harder to fit external springs. Lots of ways you could go, but I'd start at 35mm at least.
my covers slip on actually, so the other (older style 68-710 should slip on too? Maybe this is too specific of a question for this forum, maybe the only way to find out is to buy the covers and see if it fits.

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