Wanted: GS1100 Swingarm

Good luck! I spent over a year trying to find one and ultimately just widened my GS750 arm to accommodate a 17x5.5 with a 180...which, in the end, was not difficult in the slightest.


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so im confused there was no gs1100 in
77 there was a gs1000
the gs1100 was introduced in 1980

so what am i miss understanding or do i have wrong
You got it wrong. The GS1100 was introduced later and it had a wide aluminum swingarm. It's a popular swap for a lot of older GS models because it can accommodate a up to a 180mm tire and it is already setup for dual shocks. He's looking to run a real tire on the back of his old GS750. The problem is that they're virtually gone now...even when I was looking years ago I couldn't hardly find one. https://i.imgur.com/Aw96Pis.jpgp]I had to cut up my factory arm and widen/brace it[/url] to get real rubber on the back.

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