Wanted to share my short film! - Why I Ride - A Classic Honda Motorcycle Short Film


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I’ve been posting here on this forum for quite some time now - I am a Honda CB360 owner/builder and such. Before my last rebuild, I wanted to get my cylinder head machined, bored and cleaned so I took it over to Valley Cycles in Los Angeles, CA. I spoke to the shop owner Kurt and his son Dylan Winter, while I was chatting with them, I was beyond intrigued to hear about their restorations and achievements with vintage Honda motorcycles. Having never filmed a short before, I asked if they’d be interested in doing one, thankfully they loved the idea! After 2 days of shooting, I edited, composed, color-graded and completed this film in it’s entirety by myself. I wanted to share it with my fellow motorcycle riders as I am beyond happy with how it turned out.

Hope you all enjoy!
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