WANTED: Yamaha SR250 header pipe/exhaust


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I am looking for a Yamaha SR250 header pipe (mounting bracket not required).
Ideally from engin mounting flange up to the muffler plus that part that goes into muffler (but that not necessery)
Or full exhaust, but that will cost fortune to send ;) :)

If you got one.
If you are willing to ship it to Poland (transaction via ebay/paypal possible).
Please let me know :)
Thank you.
Check out Jadus. They have a performance header which is proven to do wonders for the SR engine.
On mine, the muffler is sawed off but everything else is there. I guess I'm lucky. Expensive to find and/or replace! Good luck on yours!
Mine is slowly rotting away ;)
I have put the original back together, just for MOT ;) and bought some SS pipes and bends to make something just for fun :)
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