Waxed Cotton Jacket

Stumbled across these folks in the UK. Does anyone know of someone located in the states making a traditional, generic cotton jacket like this?

I have wanted one for a while, but don't necessarily want (nor can I afford) vintage Barbour, Belstaff, etc.

Thoughts, anyone?




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Belstaff is outrageous fashion wear now. Barbour is more afforable, but pricey. You can sometime find deals on BMG and used stuff at motorcycle shows and on eBay...
raptormeat said:
im sure you could find these at any BDSM shop in your respective red light district....
Ha! Not QUITE the look I'm going for.

Haven't been to any bike shows near me. I'll have to keep an eye open.

Any other manufacturers of such garments you guys can think of?


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I bought the BMG jacket of that style but sent it back after receiving it because it felt ridiculous to wear and got the Montana jacket instead.
Also, for what it's worth, I went into a Barbour store today and was incredibly disappointed. The merchandise was good, well stocked and had all the usual items, but other than that, they had two fake motorcycle helmets on a shelf and a hipster a$$hole running the place. I'm not expecting a holograph of Steve McQueen to greet me at the door or anything, but it was still pretty lame.


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I don't have one personally, but a couple of the guys over at ADVrider have recommended the Kakadu Nelson as a very reasonably priced alternative.



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Vanson's got more than one, but they ain't cheap, either. I recall they also have some brand-new waxed cotton designs out that aren't on the website; one was a special edition for some other company that was in a recent Iron and Air IIRC.



etc. etc. Give 'em a call.


I have one of these, its very nice


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I've had a Kakadu Nelson jacket for a couple of years now. It is lighter weight material than a Barbour or a Belstaff, and it has a smaller zipper. I use it as my main light jacket off the bike and it is holding up well. You can get them direct from


or a little cheaper here


There is also the Frank Thomas jacket. Not sure if it is available in the States.


The only US made jacket I know of is this one. It's a modified Vanson, and not cheap:



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Red23 said:
I have one of these, its very nice


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That is nice! Armoured and all! Wish I had seen that before I got my Barbour.

Here is another site that carries them:
Red23 said:
I have one of these, its very nice


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Woah! That one is awesome! Any known distributors in the States? I'd rather not have to pay for shipping overseas...


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I am looking at purchasing a decent riding jacket. I was just wondering how cotton wax sizes up to leather in regards to warmth and protection from the elements. I live in Canada which means most of the year I'm not riding. My bike is stored in an igloo. If I'm dropping some cash on a jacket maybe go with something other than leather so I can wear it in other situations without looking like fonzie. And being in Canada, its cold a lot of times and even during the summer this semi arad place that I live in cools off once the sun goes down. So I want the jacket to be warm or at least as warm as the old leather jacket I have.

Had my eye on this bad boy.

If you're after something with full armour in that classic waxed cotton style take a look at the Richa Ace. The company I work with has had the Richa leather jackets for a while and they're fantastic, we're about to add the Ace to our range.



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I purchased a Barbour was cotton Jacket from Urban Riders in the UK and had it shipped to me in Seattle a few months ago.
It is their class jacket with a twist. It isnt just a fashion piece it has Pockets for Back, shoulder and elbow armor. It also has a zip out liner that seems pretty warm so far in the riding I have done with it.
I saw it online and tried to find it in the States but noone sells the version with the armor and every UK webseller said they could not ship to the USA because of contracts with Barbour. But Urban Rider, when I called them on the phone, said no problem and I had the jacket in a week. Love it!



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Have the Montana, wore it twice and its a bit big for me. Tried seeing if anyone around work wanted it but its too hot for SoCal. Really nice quality stuff in any case


Late to the discussion, but I was recently searching for a decent light weight waxed jacket too.

I found searching not for something like "waxed canvas jacket" but for particular fabric manufactures turned up a whole lot of gems; some I liked some not so much. The one I ended up getting was made using Halley Stevenson fabric, designed and sold by a UK retailer.

If for example, you google "halley stevenson jacket" and go to images youll see tons of good looking jackets. Including the Spidi Worker jacket (not what I finally chose).

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