TJ - Beachcomber
Yet another plea for help. Any welders in the Redditch area who might be willing to initially tack up my Boardtracker frame in my garage ?

Once it's tacked I can remove it from the jig and it can go to the welders garage for full welding.

Needless to say I've been let down yet again by the "mate" who was going to do it for me.

Not expecting a freebie. Thanx

Initially I am looking to get the frame tacked up so it can be removed from the jig for full welding,.

Once it's tacked it can go to wherever to be welded.

Mig would be nice.
Many thanx for the link,

In the meantime an old buddy who has been suffering severe Long Covid syumptoms is feeling sufficiently well enough to spend a couple of hours doing the basic tack welds for me.

This will allow me to progress the project as I've only been able to tackle odd accessory items.

Thanx again
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