WHat am I doing wrong with my cable?!!?


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I am replacing the throttle cable on my R5C. I've hooked it up to the carbs and oil pump and throttle; but when I crack the throttle the carb slides won't move but the oil pump will. Is there a special sequence that I need to install it in. I've notice that it seems there is too much cable between the carb top and the splitter..the new cable is EXACTLY the same size as the old one if I pull the sleeves up higher I can take slack out of the cable..I know I shouldn't have to do this..in other words..what the fuck am I doing wrong..it's just a friggin cable.
I'll get a pic but the cable is a single pull off the throttle. then it splits into 3..one cable to each carb..then one to the "autolube system" same as an RD 350.
tighten up the adjustment screw at the top of the carb? I'm not totally sure on that model, I'm looking at some fiche and that's the best I could come up with

er.. wait a minute, does the top of the carb have a screw a lot like the clutch adjuster? If so, back it out to take up the slack?

i just looked at the cable for that and that's exactly what it looks like it wants, under the boot on the top of the carb, the adjustment screw should take up the slack so your throttle slide moves with your cable
hmmm.not enough to take up slack so the carb adjustment is out...I thought I had the nipples snugged in..I have been know to be mentally deficient in the past...I guess I'll go over it all again.
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