What are some companies that could make custom exhaust headers?


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I am beginning to brainstorm and dig into a CB/CL350 project and have always loved the look of twin Scrambler exhausts, the kind with one high pipe on each side. There are a few bikes that came with this kind of setup, like the CB450D (link below) and certain British bikes.
If I wanted to explore the possibility of having headers like these custom fabricated, what companies do you know that could do it? Ideally they would be stainless steel and I would use stainless reverse cone mufflers. If you can point me in a direction, I’d appreciate it!

To build a custom exhaust you really need the bike in the shop. There are a lot of variables to get it right. Be prepared for relatively high cost as custom headers are laborious to fabricate and stainless is expensive and difficult to weld. The cheapest and easiest would be to find the high pipes off a CL350. If you're dead set on custom and stainless someone local to you is your best bet - where are you located?
check this out.
I'm in New England. Good idea, looking locally. I will ask the local FB groups if there are any local resources.
And yes, I expect it to be expensive, but I am interested in finding out if it is just expensive or crazy pie in the sky expensive. Gasser Customs makes a nice stainless header for under $1k. If this custom set I have in mind came in under $1k I might be able to afford it (after saving up of course lol).
Also, I do have an original CL350 exhaust. The mufflers are rotten and the chrome is no good, but the head pipes are solid and could potentially be saved. I wonder if rechroming or finishing the original head pipes would approach the cost of getting a custom set made?
You could look at having the OEM pipes ceramic coated. Jet-hot coating or similar. You could use the Gasser customs header and have a local fabricator add the mufflers you want.
My CL350 has an aftermarket exhaust from the period (I believe the manufacturer was MCM) with the look I think you're going for. I run an internal baffle in each pipe instead of a muffler though. They would be pretty easy to reproduce IMO given that its a few sections of straight pipe after the initial bend from the head.
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