What to do In Pittsburgh?

Drewski said:
Well, you guys are amazing!! I really am going to visit Pittsburgh soon , but it won't be this May. :p One of our boys and his family just relocated back to Louisville, KY, so we're headed there this time around. 8)

Thanks for all the tips and recommendations!! 8) I'll be headed down there one of these days for SURE! :D

Cheers!! ;D
Does this mean you'll be at Spring Thaw?
deviant said:
Does this mean you'll be at Spring Thaw?

I wish. :p

We'll be wrapping up our visit to Louisville that weekend. :( My "significant other" isn't into the "motorcycle scene" in any of it's various forms. ;D She supports my interest though, so I can't complain. Much. ;)

For me, there's always hope for next year! :D
Hey, thanks to you guys... the missus and I finally made it to Pittsburgh. :D Just for a day mind you, but it was fun. 8)

Pics to follow. ;)
Went straight to The Strip and had lunch on the patio at Roland's. Awesome food, great atmosphere!

Wandered around and saw "Leaf and Bean". Didn't sample their wares but it sure looked like a cool place! :D

Friends bought some really wild donuts. Not my 'thing' but a cool little place. :D

Rode the Incline up to the top to have dinner. Awesome view and awesome food at a place who's name I can't remember! :D

We had a great day and we'd love to come back and spend a little more time there. :)
VonYinzer said:
Awesome! Next time you're in town give me a heads up!

Yes I will. :) We were on a quick 'whirlwind tour' last Saturday. We had to be on the road for Toronto by 6pm. :p Just time for a late lunch, walking around for a bit and then an early dinner. ;D

It was a beauty day though! Loved it! 8)
Hanging out in the strip district is good introduction to Pittsburgh. Roland's is definitely decent and with all the other amenities nearby you can't go wrong.

Toronto is great too though!
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