What's it worth? 1980 CB750K


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I have a 1980 CB750K (DOHC) that I cleaned up and did a couple light cafe mods too. It's not quite done yet but what's everyone think it's worth? I only ask because I see DOHC CB750 values all over the place.

-17k and runs strong
-General tune up with new tires and cleaned/rebuilt carbs
-Chrome is in great condition and very, very minimal rust on the frame (not visible)
-Mods are 4-to-1 exhaust, clubman bars, trimmed Supersport seat/new cover, chopped rear fender.

I've done a good amount of work to clean it up and re-polished a lot of the parts, including engine covers. Only negative is a shallow 1.5" long dent on the front top corner of the tank. I'm debating repainting the tank depending on how much the dent would effect the value.

So, thoughts?





(seat looks weird in this pic?)


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Thanks for the input :)

I know it's of course only worth what someone is willing to pay, but I was looking for some sort of price range. Any ideas?


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Welp... according to my "Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide 2011/2012" complied by the Motorcycle Museum of Wisconsin (isbn 978-1-884313-90-5)

the 1980 Honda CB750K is worth:

$500 trashed. not running a parts bike

$800 fair. Needs a full restoration, may be/may not be running, rusted

$1100 Basic well-used original bike. Can be seen from a distance to be faded.

$1500 Original bike that looks good from a distance but up close the flaws are noticible. An older restoration perhaps. All parts in good working order.

$2000 Well-restored or well preserved original with low milage. Almost no wear or minimal

$2500 Museum quality. Perfect restoration. Rarely ridden. As it would have looked on the showroom floor.

Hope that helps.


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With the CB750... the older the bike ... the more valuable it is.

The 1969 CB750 is worth the most.

The1969 CB750 sandcast motor model is valued at $30,000 in museum grade condition
The 1969 CB750 diecast motor model is valued at $10,000 in museum grade condition.

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