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Hope everyone had a good Christmas. We've probably all eaten and drunk too much over the festive period, but what's to look forward to in our Calenders for 2017?

Can we have shows and events listed here. First on my list is International Classic Bike Show at Stafford on April 22nd and 23rd. I'm hauling my Weslake / triton over and it would be good to say hello to fellow DTT members.

A couple of small events when the snow melts, but two big ones I'll be at are:

Mid-Ohio Motorcycle Vintage Day in July:



... and Barber Vintage Festival in October:


I'm gonna try to hit this one up again in April.

The Mecum Las Vegas Motorcyle Auction is an awesome 1000 bike show, even if you don't go to buy much. This year it is Jan 25-28th. Last year, Bonhams also had a one day auction the same week.
details here: https://www.mecum.com/auctions/las-vegas-motorcycle-2017/


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I'm planning on attending the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance/VJMC show and swap in Eustis, FL the 2nd weekend in March.http://www.vintagemotorcyclealliance.com/ I may also hit the Sunshine AMCA show near Daytona if I feel like fighting the traffic. http://www.sunshineamca.org/files/09042016_Summer_2016_Sunshine_Newslettter1.pdf I always go to the Webster Swap Meet when I'm in the area.http://www.cyclemeet.com/index.php The Meltdown in Hendersonville looks promising. I might go to the The Horse Smoke Out if I don't talk myself out of it...again. http://www.smokeoutrally.com/
Barber is practically in my back yard, but I've only been to one Vintage Days. Maybe this year will be my second time. I'd also like to go to the AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohiohttp://www.cycleworld.com/2017-ama-vintage-motorcycle-days-dates-announced and I'd like to hit the Blackhawk meet in Davenport. http://www.chiefblackhawk.org/ I'll also very likely attend the British in the Blue Ridge in North Georgia.http://www.gabma.us/2016/09/22/2017-bibr-rally-dates-see-events-for-details/ If I do all this, my plate will be full. If I hit some of them, I'll be happy!
Donnington Classic Endurance in May, I'll be riding the track day if the Z is ready and possibly Bikers Classic at Spa in June
Could do with listing all these events in order as we go along. Do any admins know how to do this?

It'll keep it useful and tidy
I'll be at the MCN Excel show in London in February, but the main ones for me are the TT in May/June, and classic racing at Chimay in Belgium in July. There are a good few days at the Ace Cafe that I plan to go to....
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