Wheel spacer builder/mock up kit?


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Have any of you guys made or bought a spacer kit for mocking up wheels & brakes as you're adapting between models & brands?

I'm thinking of having a full set made for 20mm axles, with pairs of spacers ranging in width that'll allow me to stack up different widths to hit my target number. I'm imagining some aluminum spacers to take up the majority of the widths, with shims to add/stack to hit the fine-tune dimensions.

If this isn't something that can be bought, I'm considering having some sets built.
I buy way too many junk bikes, which gets me a bin of spacers that I stack and cut to mock up. Kits would be nice.
LowBrow and a few more sell spacer kits for Harleys. I mostly use different sizes of PVC pipe and then send the measurements to my machinist. I also have a box full of various sized spacers from old junk bikes, so I very seldom need to have one made.
Your local hardware store sells them, they're called washers.

...well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Looking for something a bit more precise. The LowBrow customs stuff is closer to what I was imagining, but even that seems to be missing some adjustability.
I have a set of machinist gage-blocks and some half-circle gage-blocks I've used for the z-axis head on a bridgeport. These are nice, but they don't stay in place with your fiddling around with a wheel (unless you have a 3rd hand).
I most recently just measure then make them on the lathe.
I've also stacked washers and then measure the stack. (this is quick and pretty accurate, add a couple of thin ones in there and you can get within -1/16")
I've also made temp ones on the 3D printer... but that's way slower than just making real ones.
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