Wheel trueing in SEPA?


the bearded hessian
hey guys, I’ve got three wheels I’ve built that need trueing. I’ve got a nice stand and dial indicator and all, but I’ve tried doing it a few times and just can’t get them to a point where I’m comfortable putting them on the road. I’ve got kids and a house that needs a lot of attention, so I’m ready to put my pride aside and not do this myself. Anyone within an hour or so of 18073 (Pennsburg, PA) experienced in this that could lend a hand? I’d gladly come to you with money, beer, or whatever you require within reason, haha.
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Have only seen him advertise but you could try Locust Grove Restoration, 236 Locust Grove Rd. (splits off South Second St.), Bainbridge, PA. He does pre-1975 European bike restorations. You could also try contacting some places that deal primarily with off-road bikes to see who they use. Also a couple custom shops in Philly area if that is closer.
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