When did the term "deadtail" start getting used?


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So I've heard the term "hardtail" for ages, in fact wihtout the term hard tail we probably wouoldn't have bikes called softails. Anyway, a couple days ago I saw someone here refer to a bike as a deadtail. I had never heard of that before and now in te past couple of days I've seen it numerous times here.

Is that really a thing or did someone here just coin a new phrase???
Re: When did the term "deadtail" start getting used?

Yep, I copied tune-a-fish on that one. I wouldn't look to deep into it, some kinda of new England/Tennessee hybrid slang from the deep recesses of his mind I would guess lol

And, we're trend setters round here. Lol
Some call it cold tail. Our family does a lot of bird hunting and it's known to be an issue through breeding of bird dogs. We had a lab that would have that issue. The base of her tail swelled when retrieving. It lasted a few days and made a great bird dog no bird dog anymore.
Re: When did the term "deadtail" start getting used?

Trademarked so fahghetabaatit

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