Where can we all meet?


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Hard to believe that I was actually one of the first Pittsburgh members on DTT. I joined almost a year and a half ago.


Where is there a cool place to meet in the Pittsburgh area? I know that the Jailhouse in Coraopolis had "Bike night" every monday last summer. I haven't seen their schedule yet for this year.

I pretty much frequent Bishops American Cafe on Campbells Run Road to watch hockey games with my buds. other than that, I'm actually not really into the bar scene. I'm always the designated driver when on 4 wheels, since I seem to be the most responsible with my alcohol. I never have more than 3 during a long night when I take the bike, and usually switch to water at least 2 hours before I plan to head home.

I'd actually prefer meeting at coffee shops, just not the large chain ones...find a diner somewhere that's confortable, and I'll be there.
Well... As far as us Western Pa members, there is a ton of great places to get together.
-There is Quaker Steak for their bike nights, but thats a lot of young bucks on their rockets. Could convert some folks there though! ha ha ha
-There is the Midway in Monaca PA. Every other Wed. during the summer they have a cool bike/car show. great food as well.
-The Backdoor Tavern is awesome but gets a bit crowded.
-Kellys Riverside is awesome in the summer, but is also a bar.
-There is a place called Kiva-Han in Oakland if we want to roll into the city. Cool little coffee shop and art space on the corner of Craig and Forbes.
-Jerrys Curb Service is a great little 50s style drive-in in Beaver. Gets crowded in the summer, but as long as were not assholes they'll let us park in the grass next to the lot.

Theres a million places that Im forgetting, I know. And lets not forget the oportunity we have here to spend some time in the garage helping eachother out as well. Thats what this is all about, right!?
i'd be up for anything, including the drive!
Jerry's Curbside brings back memories.... Bohn Cycle is having an open house / run / cook out to Ohiopyle and back on May 1st if any of you are interested.
TJEvans said:
Hard to believe that I was actually one of the first Pittsburgh members on DTT. I joined almost a year and a half ago.

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Primanti Bros. seems to have a lot of restaurants across the city with big parking lots, cheap beer etc.
More centralized in the city, Bloomfield Bridge Tavern has great food, cheap beer and a parking lot for customers... 31st St. Pub...
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