where do you get stuff for fiberglassing?


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i've already got the foam block and stuff, but what about the mat and resin? i saw some at wal mart today, but wanted to check around before grabbing it, as i figured it's probably not the best quality if it's at wally world. it was bondo brand stuff, and also had 3M logos on it. anyone here ever try it out? if it blows, is there somewhere better to look?


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Check out an auto paint supplier in your area usually a top notch place that can mix you any color will have some decent fibreglass stuff as well


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I used it Without much issue. Just stop using the resin as soon as it starts to gum up. I thought the cloth was much easier to work with than the matte as well.


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www.raka.com I prefer epoxy resins and cloth and biaxial roving for strength as the chopped matt can get chunky making a pita to smooth out

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I get mine from Wal-mart or the Autoparts store. Same boxed kit or individual componants, package and all. and +1 to the woven cloth instead of the matt.
Now just to make sure you know, if you use the classic styrene resin you need to protect your foam as it will eat it up in short order.


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thanks so much for all the responses! now, in the videos i've watched, i've seen people stirring something else into the resin. what are they putting in it? has anyone been able to find whatever that additive is at wal mart as well? also, how many layers of the woven cloth do you guys recommend using? it seems pretty standard to used 3-4 layers when using the matte, is it the same with the cloth? also, as far as applying directly to the foam, i've noticed everyone covers theirs first, so i was going to mask it with painters tape. is that enough protection when using the wal mart resin?

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>It's a chemical reaction that makes it hard. You get a can of resin and a small squeeze bottle of hardener. You count the drips of hardener per oz's of resin. stir it in an use it quick. Work in small batches as it sets up suddenly.
> Yes, they sell the hardener sepperatly, but if you buy the resin at Wal-mart it will have a tube of hardener with it (under the plastic lid). I always buy a extra because I always seem to run out. I tend to mix it a little "hot" with extra drop or two to ensure it cures completely.
>I use 6 layers minimum with a couple of smaller pieces built in at the stress points.
> I'd cover your foam with more than just masking tape, I use tin (aluminum) foil taped in place. Some guys use furnace tape that is like tin foil with the adhiesive right on it.


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I like to start with woven cloth, then I throw in a layer of that chop mat that they sell in Walmart, then cloth over that until I'm where I want to be. I've got a neighbor who throws me some amazing sewn mat every once in a while. That shit is great. Soaks up a ton of resin but when you use that stuff it can take the place of three cloth layers.


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thank you all, i really appreciate your helpful responses in this. i picked up supplies this weekend and will be getting to work shortly! :)

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