Where to get Replacement Fork Tubes?


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Hi All,

I'm continuing my rebuild of a 74' Honda CL200 and need to replace the front fork tubes due to the rust and pitting where the seal travels over. I've replaced the seals on the forks before so I'm moderately familiar with working on them, but I have no idea where I should go to get replacement tubes.

Does anyone have any recommendations for where I should look to get new tubes?

If you're okay sorting through Ebay listings for the best available used tubes, then that is a decent option. For brand new fork tubes, then the industry standard is pretty much Franks Forks http://franksforks.com/products/honda-fork-tubes/. Franks is quality, but you will pay for it.
Hey Irk,

Thanks for the tips! Do you know how much transferablility there is between the tubes used across each year/model? I would assume that the CB200 forks would work for the CL200, but are there any other stock forks that would work too? Maybe a 175 or 250?

I'm going to get a caliper to be able to measure these things myself in the future, but always appreciate any education in the sort term.

If the CB and CL use the same diameter tube, and they're the same style fork, I would guess you can swap the fork tubes. I imagine the biggest difference you'll find between different models of the same era and the same style fork is fork tube length. Usually, the cheapest and easiest option is to find a mint set of your bike's stock forks.

Fork Diameters list:
Got these for my 400 and they are perfect. They have bunches for different Hondas.

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