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Hey guys, picked up my first road bike this year (75 cb400f) after salivating over it for the past 3 years and I've been lookin for some nice stretches of road with twisties, straights, hills and a decent speed limit. I'm used to trail riding in northern Michigan but need some local blacktop to really figure this thing out, turning principles are quite a bit different! I'm in Metro Detroit (Warren) and have been up and down Jefferson (meh) and Orion Rd (fun but slow) but I'm looking for something more thrilling. There are a couple of mile stretches here and there but nothing I know of that foots the bill. So what's yer favorite stretch? I'd love to hear from you and get some opinions. Cheers!
Hadley road near Pinckney. A long ways from you I know, but a fun road that has claimed a few riders. Huron River Drive going out of Ann Arbor. Speed limit is 35, but it's a lot more fun at about 70! Watch out for cops!
Thanks Moetrout. Pinckney's not too bad. I've heard there is some nice riding in the Irish Hills (Brooklyn-ish) but Ann Arbor ya say, eh? 55 would be fine but everything with a corner is 35 and below around here. Need some county roads problem is, not too many of those in the city ::)
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