Who makes a quality 4 carb sync tool? Dial vs manometer...who do you like?


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I see lots of unbranded stuff out there that looks like tools I have seen/used in the past, the only bad thing is the quality. Does anyone have a favorite that is available today? Do you feel a particular unit is more accurate? Emgo, Motion pro, Slow boat... Do you see the advantage of a dial over a manometer or vise versa? I have a box of chemistry set glass tubing and thought about fabbing one up like a manometer but have not as of yet as time and tubing and valves all add up. That and I dont really want the bike to take a drink from it. Cant believe bikes like Cool Aid much.
Boehm in Germany or if you want their budget-line, it is called Memo, where they replaced the Copper-Beryllium spring with a slightly cheaper variant.

It's like buying a swiss watch, sure the poundland digital watch for 0.99p will be just as fine, but the satisfaction of working with a precision instrument...
I also have a morgan carbtune. great tool.
I have an old Motion Pro 4 tube mercury stick. Accurate? It's physics. The first manometer was a tube of mercury. Used by a dude named Torrecelli. Thus, the (proper in the world I worked) unit of vacuum is a Torr. Honest, no calibration and no (mechanical) moving parts. You just have to be careful to not slam the throttle closed at too high RPM and suck the mercury through the engine. Plus, it was free - a friend gave it to me.
Cool, glad I saw this thread. That Carbtune looks the business - I'm going back to the UK for crimbo and might make one of those things mine
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