Who wants to meet up with me this January?


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Hey fellas. I'll be down in NZ visiting family from December 31st to January 15th. I'll be on the North Island for about 3 days, then head down to the South Island. I plan on renting a KTM Supermotard in Nelson and spending the rest of the trip touring. I'd love to meet up with any of the Kiwi ton'ers for a ride and possibly steal a place to bunk for a night or two. I'm not limited to the South Island and will probably take the ferry across the straight and tour on the North Island as well for a bit. Let me know if any of you want to meet up!



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First of all it's Fullars.... neways all going to plan I'll be around in Dec and Jan and always keen for a ride.
I'm based in Auckland and it sounds you'll be around the wellington area but nothing like a road trip for the hell of it a.
give us a yell at some point.


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