Who's Building/Doing What??

Hmmm ill bite. Been working for the last few weeks to get this 1971 boa ski ready for the big boa ski get together for the 50th anniversary of their first sled production in la Guadeloupe Canada this weekend. Unfortunately, though the sled was ready, I came down with the flu, so had to forgo the trip. At least the sled is done, which is more than I've been able to say for the last 10 to 15 years it's been around ha


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you need a mid 60s omc snow cruiser

we have a 67 that still runs and it has reverse
Motorsickles have taken a back seat to building a house.

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74 CB750 restore
74 CB550 Cafe
71 CB500 scrambler
73 CB175 tracker (son)
And procured a small stable of CX500/GL500’s for “we got next”.
All in various stages. Currently working on CB175 heads and valves.

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