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Guy that had worked on a crew building decks for us a couple years ago pulls up in front of the house and starts down the drive. I step out the door and ask if I can help him (we are pretty far out and I didn't recognize him right off). He sez he has a bunch of CX parts that he has to move out of his house today. Sez he will take them to the junk yard if I don't take them off his hands. 79 or 80 CX 500 Deluxe engine and a bunch of parts - headstock cut off the frame. Pair of Mikuni and original Keihin carbs. I had him unload then (from trunk and back seat of his car) next to my shed as there is just no room inside anywhere. Tarped the motor for now. Why did I buy this? Anyone interested? I understand they make dandy cafe-types. If I EVER finish the T150V, my next project is a '75 GL1000. This will serve as a place-holder to remind me that I need to do something with it.

Lol, my cx500 was fun to ride and work on.
I see people post these with a “what it could look like” picture and then ask a small fortune lol.
So, is the headstock missing or just cut off? I think that's the part you'll need if you need to title the bike, right? Otherwise, I'm envious!
Reorganized the pile today and checked the engine some. Tranny shifts and once it was in neutral, put a ratchet on the crank bolt and turned it over - has compression! Busted clock is at a little over 26k miles.
I pulled my CX project out of a field with moss growing on it and 1 valve adjustment later it showed 171 PSI on both cylinders. Cleaned the carbs and it fired right up. Check the Mikinis they could be Murray's carbs if there is intakes with them. They're worth $$ and wake the bike right up.
CX frames are easily found around Atlanta. Most of them are rollers with a box of engine parts.
sell the tanks they are worth good money if they are useable

the rest you can post on the forum
Lots of rust in them, but no obvious holes. Lots of dents in the light red one, few in the dark red one.
Passing that "luck" on to my neighbor. He is picking it up today for his son, who wants it as a project. I'm keeping the tanks to sell as they seem to be scarce. I really did not want this as a project for me. Too costly to get on the road, and little chance to get back what I invest in it.
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