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crazy as a fox
Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done!


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Ha! Sorry to hijack your thread, this reminds me of a TV show I saw today. It was called Outrageous Acts Of Science on the Science Channel. One of the little sections on it was about some guys who take the drive unit from the rear of a motor scooter and put a control handlebar out the back and then use it to tow themselves on the highway on roller blades. 60 mph on roller blades? No thanx!


A little like the above except pulling instead of pushing.
Tulane Medical Center down here has a human body sliced in layers and pressed between glass sheets. It's kinda odd to see at first, because you're just not used to seeing it like that. But then you start noticing things that pique your interest.

For example... did anyone else notice that the piston isn't sliced?
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