Wiring diagram for one type of Ebay universal handlebar controls


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I figured I'd try out out a set of one of the cheap universal handlebar controls sold on Ebay. I went for a set that had aluminum housing rather than plastic and was shipped from someone in the US (they're still made in China, just didn't want to wait forever for shipping). And I didn't want a set with all kinds of colored buttons so they wouldn't look way too modern for my older bike - a 78 KZ400. These were about the least blingiest I could find that met my other criteria.

Overall opinion: They're okay. They arrived with a small light scratches or two. The fit and finish is meh. The top half and bottom half of the housings do not sit completely flush with each other when they screwed together. The switches feel solid enough and everything seems to function so far. I had to give them a try for the price. I wouldn't use them for anything I was throwing thousands of dollars into but for my inexpensive scrambler build they're sufficient (assuming they work as expected).

I'm still in the process of wiring the bike and have LH control wiring temporarily connected and still need to do the same for the RH control. If I run into any issues when I get to testing them I'll follow up.

Anyway, I thought I'd help others out by posting the wiring diagram since they do not come with one and I couldn't find one anywhere else. After sitting down with a multimeter I came up with this.

By "Clutch (not used)" I just meant that I am not using it. The clutch switch wires are Green/Red and Green

If anything is confusing or your have any questions then give me a shout.


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Also, there is no mfr / model markings on it or provided by the ebay seller. The box was also unmarked. But the bags that held the controls both had a little sticker on them with "M02007"


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The shared ground (black wire) between the brake switch and the start button did not work for me in my application on my KZ400. I had to remove the connection of the two black wires inside the RH control and run a separate wire through the harness to use for the brake switch. YMMV.


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I buy slightly uses clipons with Jap controls on them offeBay cheap and use the controls on any 7/8th bars you want... wire colors mean nothing, just get a meter out and code them to fit the harness and modify as needed.


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Hello, I know this is an old thread but could I just ask what the two separate wires with spade connectors are for on each set of controls?
Thank you.


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I bought a set of those controls for a yamaha scooter. They work pretty well, albeit the form factor leaves some to be desired (large gaps after clampup on 7/8 bars).

I was able to use the connector supplied as well once I removed all the pins *carefully* from the connector and put them back in the correct place. Now it doesn't honk the horn when I indicate left :)


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Hello, I know this is an old thread but could I just ask what the two separate wires with spade connectors are for on each set of controls?
Thank you.
The left pair of small flat blade terminals are for the clutch switch, used on modern bikes to prevent starting unless the clutch is pulled in.

The pair on the right switch are for a lever mounted brake switch. Typically bikes now come with microswitches on both sides, but not all use that size terminal.

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